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J and T
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Jeff grew up in Evanston, Wyoming
where he helped his family ranch, hunt,
and prepare horses for the racing circuit.

Jeff had the opportunity to compete in
Arlee, Montana, and Bishop, California as
well as a multitude of other mule shows.  
He won trophies for World Champion, two
Reserve World Champions, and one
National Champion.

Eighteen years ago, Jeff shadowed
Warren, Trinity's father, training mules
and learning everything about the
intriguing hybrids. Jeff does all the
trimming and shoeing of Heart 2 Heart
Ranch mules. Some advanced students
will get the opportunity to learn to trim
and shoe mules as part of their learning

Jeff is certified in CPR and First Aid.
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Family sign

Trinity is from Eastern Oregon, where she
grew up on a ranch in the foothills of the
Steens Mountains.  She participated in 12
years of 4-H horse and beef.  Trinity grew
up riding in the Steens Mountains, riding
bareback, spinning flowers through her
Appaloosa horse's mane and dreaming she
was wild and free Native American girl.  

Trinity graduated from NNU in 1996 with a
degree in Special Education K-12 and
Elementary Education K-8.  Trinity has kept
her certification current with classes
focusing on Autism, Aspergers and
Attention Deficit Disorders.  

She continues to compete in a 26-mile
endurance race with her foster brothers.  
She has won Best Condition Mule, as well
as 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finish in the
Professional Division.  She placed first in
the Whiskey Town Chaser in Redding,

Trinity is certified in First Aid.   
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Meet The Stars Of The Heart 2 Heart Ranch Staff
Miss rosebud
Trinity's Father
Heart 2 Heart Ranch uses WZ mules from the Harney County Mule
Company, trained by Trinity's father, Warren Matthews.  For over 25
years Warren has been training and matching his mules to foster boys
living at the WZ ranch. Jeff and Trinity have consistently witnessed the
healing bond that develops between mules and children.

Mules like persons with disabilities are often stereotyped and
misunderstood; mules are highly intelligent animals. These sure-footed
hybrids are a product of a mare horse and jack donkey.  A female mule
is called a Molly and a male mule, a John.  Mule's eyes are positioned
farther back on their head, allowing  them to see where all 4 hooves land
making them more reliable for trailriding, racing and riding.  Mules have
more endurance than horses, and their sturdy frame makes them the
perfect mount for any rider, regardless of weight.  

At Heart 2 Heart Ranch Jeff and Trinity are dispelling stereotypes and
opening the door for miracles to happen. Pairing mules with children and
adults with disabilities fosters a beautiful and unforgettable bond between
animal and rider. Jeff and Trinity hope you and your child will experience
first-hand the freedom from stereotypical perceptions.
Trinity's father & trainer
of Heart 2 Heart mules.
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Big Mamma and Jackson
Miss Lucy
Miss Targee
Mr. Cocheese
Miss Penny
Big Kate
Miss Rosebud grew up in the
high desert at the foot of the Steens
Mountains.  At Bishop, Ca. she won
World Champion Green Cow Working
Mule along with a  multitude of trail
classes, gymkana, cow cutting and
ropings.  We have lost track of how many
first time riders she has trained, however,
when Rosebud was not competing she
took care of Trinity's mother who rode
once a year. Rosebud has a gift of reading
her rider and understanding their level of
experience. Therefore, many riders will
begin their lessons with Rosebud.
Mr. Cocheese also grew up
in the high desert at the foot of the
Steens where he spent his early years
being Trinity's endurance mule.
Cocheese has a persevering heart and
will not give up. His first year in
competition he won a 26 mile race and
he placed in the top 10 every year
there  after. Our 8 year old daughter
rides Cocheese in gymkana events.
Cocheese  works with students at the  
first level of one-on-one riding lessons
and at the second level of gymkana
Big Kate took an early
retirement from a future flat
track racer after she survived a
life threatening injury to her
side. Katie 's second
profession became head cow
boss, moving cows and
branding. Now Katie is proud
to be a part of H2H and thinks
she is the queen mother of all
the mules.  She often feels
the need to let the other
mules know the most polite
mannerisms for working with
Miss Lucy is the
winner in the conformation
department. Trinity whined to
her father for Lucy due to
Lucy's beauty and sleek
disposition. Lucy is used for
students with an interest in
Miss Penny was born and
raised at the WZ ranch. She is currently
in training and has high hopes of
working with students and being part
of H2H .  Her mother passed away
when she was young so she thinks she
is just one of the kids and often
demands attention and treats. H2H is
fortunate to get Penny, the last mule to
be raised at the WZ ranch.
Kiger is the newest member
of H2H. He is 10 year old
Mini-mule that is in training for
pulling a cart and working with
students that need spotters or
upper body support. Kiger will be
part of the petting ranch until he
masters these skills.  
Spike is a 1 year old miniature
donkey and he is part of the petting
ranch. He is 2 years from beginning his
training and will be trained for riders up
to 80 pounds. Spike will also be  trained
to pull a cart for students to enjoy rides
at H2H, parade riding and for students
interested in driving cart competitions.
Big Mamma & Jackson
are mother and son pygmy goats.
Jackson enjoys attention and love from
students. Big Mamma likes to observe
others and if you kneal down you may be
the lucky one she will let pet her. Big
Mamma will be bred so students can
enjoy spring babies while Jackson will
continue to do his best providing
entertainment for all.
Miss Targee is another
winner in the conformation and
disposition department. She was born,
raised and trained at the WZ ranch.
Targee is used for gaming events for
the level 2 rider.
Oreo, Old Bob, Cuddles & Babies
are H2H rabbits and part of the petting critters. They enjoy
getting out of their pens to be pet in the grass. They often
escape and run free on the ranch until a group of children
decide to recapture them. Students will get to enjoy the
offspring of these rabbits as they reproduce often and maybe
your family, as an added bonus, will  be new proud owners of
one of the offspring. :)
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